Evo Labs Plug and Play Virtual 7.1 Channel USB Sound Card


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  • Product Type: USB Sound Card
  • Maximum Resolution: N/A
  • Interface Connection: USB-A (M)
  • Display Input: N/A
  • Display Output: N/A
  • Pass-Through: N/A

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Evo Labs Plug and Play Virtual 7.1 USB Sound Card

Designed for simplicity
This product is designed to give analogue audio input (via your headset’s microphone) and output (your headset’s earpieces) to any laptop, desktop or tablet running Windows XP or above, Linux or Mac OS.

Turn any 3.5mm headset into a USB headset!
Simply connect your existing 3.5mm headset into this device, and you’ll have the flexibility of USB connectivity.

Use your existing earphones, even if there’s no earphone socket
This device can take any 3.5mm stereo earphones, or headphones and connect them directly to a USB port.

Hi-Fi Stereo Sound
The stereo audio output provides great sound quality, with a built in EAX 2.0, A3D 1.0 and Virtual 7.1 Channel DAC built right in.

USB 2.0 Connectivity
USB 2.0 connectivity gives pure plug and play compatibility and simplicity

Metal Construction
Designed for portability and durability, the aluminium enclosure is both stylish and durable.

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