MacBook Repairs

Have you dropped your MacBook and the screen is cracked / broken?
Is the battery losing its charge quickly?
Laptop not booting up into OSX?
Problems with the charging connector, camera etc?

If you have any of the problems listed above, bring your Apple MacBook to us and we will perform a free diagnosis.

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Apple MacBook / MacBook Pro / MacBook Air Repairs

Apple MacBook Replace Hard Drive & macOS System Reinstall
Hard Drive & macOS Reinstall
Is your MacBook hard drive failing? New hard drives and system reloads available at MaxBurns.

Apple MacBook
Replace Hard Drive & macOS System Reinstall

from €100

Apple MacBook Screen Replacement
Screen Replacement
Have you cracked or smashed your screen? We are experts in replacing damaged screens.

Apple MacBook
Screen Replacement

from €130

Apple MacBook Palmrest and Keyboard Replacement
Palmrest and Keyboard Replacement
Keyboard stopped or intermittently working? Replace the keyboard at MaxBurns.

Apple MacBook
Palmrest and Keyboard Replacement

from €40

Apple MacBook Water/Liquid Damage
Water/Liquid Damage
Dropped your Macbook in the bath, a river or been caught out in the rain? We have a high success rate in reviving Macbook.

Apple MacBook
Water/Liquid Damage 4

from €70

  • Repairs Information 1

    All pricing includes fitting and VAT. If the part or repair you are looking for is not listed above please contact us.

  • Repair Time 2

    The majority of repairs are normally completed on the same-day as dropped in to us.

  • Warranty 3

    All parts are covered by a 3 month warranty.

  • Important

    Please be advised that while nothing will be done by our techs to purposely cause loss of data and files from your computer, mechanical failure of computer components can happen without warning, and virus infections can cause un-predictable problems. If you have important information on your computer such as family pictures or financial records, and wish to minimize your risk of data loss, please inquire about our back up services which can be performed before intensive diagnostic tests or virus scans are performed.

  • Software Repair

    If your MacBook laptop is stuck on the boot logo or is not operating as normal, there could be an issue with the operating system (OS X / macOS). Drop it in to us and we’ll assess the problem.

1 All prices are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.
2 If parts are currently in stock and device is dropped in prior to 11:30am.
3 All parts come with a free 90 day warranty except replacement charging docks.
4 Click this link for more information on liquid damage procedures.