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Device Cleaning due to Liquid Spillage

Liquid Damaged Laptop, MacBook, Phone and Tablets

  • All devices which have come in contact with liquid need to be cleaned ro remove all residues left behind by the spillage.

  • We are unable to offer a warranty on the repairs.

  • There is a risk of creating further issues while carrying out the repairs, the customer must be willing to accept these risks.

  • A minimum fee of €35 is payable on booking in the repair and is non refundable.

  • If possible we will backup any data/photo’s etc. but we will not be responsible for any loss of customers data during the repair process.

  • This type of repair can require 5 - 10 working days to complete. Any special requests for emergency repairs need to be stated on the booking in form. Please double check that this is so.

  • Motherboards which require cleaning due to liquid spillage, will have some static shields removed so the cleaning process can be carried out properly, these shields cannot be replaced.

  • If your device is covered by insurance or warranty then please be aware that allowing our technicians to carry out repairs could void your warranty/insurance cover.