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Please be advised that while nothing will be done by our techs to purposely cause loss of data and files from your computer, mechanical failure of computer components can happen with out warning, and virus infections can cause un-predictable problems. If you have important information on your computer such as family pictures or financial records, and wish to minimize your risk of data loss, please inquire about our back up services which can be performed before intensive diagnostic tests or virus scans are performed.

Please keep in mind also that if the Operating System Reload Service is required, you will be contacted first by us before we perform the service. You may opt to have us backup your information before we perform the service for an additional charge. An Operating System Reload requires that the computer hard drive be formatted and erased before reinstalling the Operating System software. An Operating System reload also requires that you reinstall all printer drivers, and additional computer programs you may have installed since the original purchase of the computer. We cannot restore computer programs from backup. They must be re-installed from their original sources.

Feel free to call us to check on the status of your computer any time. Most repairs take 1-4 business days to complete.

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