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Apple iPad 2

Have you dropped your iPad 2 and the screen is cracked / broken?
Is the battery losing its charge quickly?
Have you scratches on the front screen or back cover?
Problems with the charging connector, camera etc?

If you have any of the problems listed above, bring your Apple iPad 2 to us and we will perform a free diagnosis.

iPad 2 Models include A1395 - A1396 - A1397


Apple iPad 2 tablet repairs

Apple iPad 2nd Generation Repairs

  • Apple iPad 2 Touch Screen Replacement

    iPad 2
    Touch Screen Replacement


  • Apple iPad 2 LCD Screen Replacement

    iPad 2
    LCD Screen Replacement


  • Apple iPad 2 Touch and LCD Screen Replacement

    iPad 2
    Touch & LCD Screen Replacement


  • Apple iPad 2 Replacement Back Cover

    iPad 2
    Back Cover


  • Apple iPad 2 Replacement Charging Dock Connector

    iPad 2
    Charging Dock Connector


  • Apple iPad 2 Replacement Earphone Jack

    iPad 2
    Earphone Jack


  • Apple iPad 2 Replacement Battery

    iPad 2
    Replacement Battery


  • Apple iPad 2 Replacement Home Button

    iPad 2
    Replacement Home Button


  • Apple iPad 2 Water/Liquid Damage

    iPad 2
    Water/Liquid Damage 4


  • Repairs Information 1

    All pricing includes fitting and VAT. If the part or repair you are looking for is not listed above please contact us.

  • Repair Time 2

    The majority of repairs are normally completed on the same-day as dropped in to us.

  • Warranty 3

    All parts are covered by a 3 month warranty.

  • Software Repair

    If your Apple iPad 2 is stuck on the boot logo or is not operating as normal, there could be an issue with the operating system (IOS). Drop it in to us in and we'll assess the problem.

  • Nationwide Pickup/Return

    Pickup and delivery service now available across Ireland.

1 All prices are correct at time of publication and are subject to change without notice.
2 If parts are currently in stock and device is dropped in prior to 11:30am.
3 All parts come with a free 90 day warranty except replacement charging docks.
4 Click this link for more information on liquid damage procedures.

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