Optical Disc Repair

The Cost of a "while you wait" disc repair at our store will remain at €5.00

Schools & Colleges

**If you are ordering only disc repairs and no other products then you will not be charged shipping when checking out.**

For customers who are partaking in a school or college collection day, please choose the amount of discs required. Once payment has been made please tick the appropriate payment option on your envelope, also please note your order/transaction number and fill it in the reference box which is also on the rear of the envelope. 

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What is it?


What we call Disc Repair is the process of removing scratches from the shiny surface of an optical disc that will not play correctly.

By 'optical disc' we mean DVD, CD, Blu-ray, Playstation games, Xbox and all other media disc formats.

The reason these discs do not play is because the laser is failing to read the data layer within the disc correctly because of a scratch in the shiny, playing surface.

Quite simply, our disc repair machines polish the scratches out of the shiny side of an optical disc which allows the laser to read the data layer again.

Our suscess rate is very high but we do find that audio CDs have the highest failure rate due to how they are manufactured, If you noticed damage to the topside of a CD or when held upto the light you can see small holes or scratches of light getting through then it is probably beyond repair.  

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